Cure Adult Acne

Acne tends to occur during adolescent years beginning around age nine or so, and continuing throughout teenage years. Often times by age nineteen acne will clear up, but for some it extends into the adult years, even late twenties and beyond! Adult acne cure options consist of a large variety of different options. Most options could be combining diet, hygiene, and even the application of ointments and/or creams. Cures for adult acne tend to vary, but it depends on the severity of the acne cause for each individual.Acne usually is characterized by inflamed lesions, oily skin, blackheads and whiteheads, and yellow or red skin which is caused from accumulation of scars and pus. Adult acne cases could be caused from a large variety of different things, for example, hormones, stress, poor cosmetics and even birth control pills. Stress and hormonal imbalances tends to cause glands to over work themselves, and therefore they produce much more oil than they normally would. Birth control pills that have the ingredient androgen will actually cause breakouts, and poor cosmetics will actually increase the bad bacteria inside of your pores. Eek!Its really important to remember that adult acne will need to be treated very differently than teen acne would. So don’t fall for all of those TV adds and products promising to cure acne, most of those are targeted at teens. The adult acne cures that are offered over the counter will work for a majority of cases, but the more severe cases might need a skin care specialist or dermatologists attention. This tends to be very pricey.Adult acne scars probably will require a different kind of adult acne cure instead of the treatment options directed for active acne. Scars could range from being dark spots on individuals faces, to deep lesions just trying to heal. This is cause from acne maturing and trying to move out. Usually, mild or moderate cases of acne have positive reactions to over the counter adult acne cure options, but not always. The creams and ointments that include salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide found over the counter seem to be the most common options, but they also tend to be very harsh on skin. These creams and ointments are topically applied directly to the affect area topically, and throughout the day to control acne symptoms. The infected area should be clean and oil free to help you reduce the chances of more acne occurring.For treating more severe cases of adult acne, you might need a prescription from a dermatologist for anti-bacterial medications or hormone therapy. Laser light treatments can also help dry the skin to eliminate bacteria present that could cause more acne. To help you eliminate acne symptoms you should also practice a good hygiene method and eliminate fat, oil and grease from your diet.Adult acne cure options might take a while to be fully effective. Patience is very important when it comes to treating acne, results don’t often come quite as fast as we hope. Acne cure products that promise instant results usually aren’t healthy for the individuals and tend to be too harsh on skin.