Adult Riding Tips to Follow

Horse riding is sport for both genders and all ages. Horse riding is the only sport in the Olympics where both male and females compete in the same event. There is no age advantage either. Adult Riding lessons are a must though. Young up and coming riders compete against the older experienced riders. Adults taking up riding do have the opportunity to aim for this high standard. Adults taking up riding at an older age do suffer some disadvantages. It is a great sport for fun, for fitness, for posture, and for socializing. It does cost a lot of time and money but it is a sport so worth it.Adult Riders tend to have a number of problems, mostly due to their age. Adult riding can have its problems. These need to be addressed.Fear of falling and having an injury can inhibit a person from achieving better skillsPosture problems for example round shoulders and tight hips will interfere with the feel of the horse.Pain in body parts, due to injury or degenerative disease inhibits the postural muscle from becoming strong. Pain in particular stops the deep core muscles from functioning.Old or current injuries play havoc on concentrationStiffness in their spine will stop the pelvis from moving in tune with the horseHabitual movement patterns for example a head tilt cause the posture to alter in the saddle.Adult riders are very one sided, we have had more time to become like this. We have less time to put into training, because we work. Adult Riders have more money though to spend on lessons.These problems are only problems if not addressed.Many adult riders have had a passion to learn to ride since they where small. Some have developed the passion watching the popularity of the sport grow. Some are just plain horse lovers at heart.I have been a rider all my life and adult riding is a sport I endorse. I have been lucky enough to live on my results as a successful competitor and trainer. I have trained many new adult riders into the sport and love seeing the success.My tips for adult riding are to get a good start with excellent basics. It is important to follow an expert.As a Physiotherapist I am a strong believer in good posture and core strength.Strong abdominals are the most important training for adult riding and a rider can start to get the best grounding for riding. A strong core and riding posture will give the adult riding position strength, and hence the confidence to learn the movement patterns required for riding. Riding requires symmetry, flexibility and posture control. These features can be trained on the floor and the physio ball. I strongly recommend the Applied Posture Riding program for a new adult rider to follow, in conjunction with a good on the ground riding instructor.If and adult rider is able to learn riding from the start rather than just get on and feel the insecurity then they will not be deterred with fear. Pain in the back will stop a rider being in tune with the horse. The horse then resists and stiffens up. The end result is a battle. This can be prevented if riders learn riding and the movement patterns on the ground.By understanding your own weakness in your body and being able to train these individual problems the adult rider will succeed quicker and with more fun.By following a simple exercise program designed by a physiotherapist and elite rider the horse rider is far more likely to achieve their goals. I strongly recommend the Applied Posture Riding Program. Good luck to you all.