Adult Acne is Definitely More Serious Than Teen Acne

Many people have failed to differentiate between adult acne and teen acne. Even more have failed to even know the existence of something called “adult acne”. They thought that acne would only occur in teenage hood. The fact is that adult acne has affected the lives of many working adults. About half the female adult population and 25% of the male adult population is affected by adult acne for at least once in their lifetime.Teen acne mainly comes with an oily skin; this is mainly due to the excess oil production during their puberty period. With oily skin, teenage acne can be easily treated by over-the-counters (OTC) treatment, normally with the side effects of drying up skin.However, for adult acne, it comes with dry or oily skin. For those adults who have adult acne with oily skin, finding a suitable treatment would be easy. For those adults who had adult acne with dry skin, finding the right treatment would be a headache as many over-the-counter (OTC) treatments can dry up their already dried up skin.For those adults who had dry skin, one of the solutions could be to use moisturizer frequently to moisture up their skin. Another solution is to avoid topical treatment like benzoyl peroxide and use more dry skin friendly products instead. If you are one of those adults who have dry skin and suffers from adult acne at the same time, read the acne products labels carefully before you make your next acne purchases.Besides choosing a dry skin friendly product for adult acne, treatment for teen acne and adult acne are similar. What works for you during your teenage hood acne (except for those topical treatments) may have a high chance of repeating the same success for your adult acne.